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  1. rcnuke

    Israel Anti-drone system takes down DRONE with a laser-defense system

    Israel-based company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (or just Rafael). It uses a high power laser beam to track and take down hostile drones, even a few of them at once. Rafael shared a video to show off the technology, and it indeed seems pretty powerful. The company explains that Drone Dome...
  2. rcnuke

    Solve Disconnected Problems And Issues for DJI Mavic Pro | Mavic 2 | Mavic Air | Mini

    Here are ten tips to fix Mavic Pro disconnected problems including loss of signal to the remote controller and loss of video transmission to the DJI Go 4 app. While this article focus is on Mavic Pro disconnects, these tips will also assist you with fixing Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Air...
  3. rcnuke

    DJI Smart Controller will work with DJI Matrice 300

    Currently, the DJI Smart Controller only works with the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise series. DJI Smart Controller will work with the DJI Matrice 300 Based on the latest information we have received it now seems likely that the DJI Smart Controller will work...
  4. rcnuke

    Quadcopter With Pusher | horizontal motors / props...!!!

    What would happen if you mounted a motor on the back, with the prop mounted vertical, with a sole purpose of pushing the quad forward? Would this allow for some fast flight without having to pitch the quad forward? My biggest gripe with multi-copters is that you have to lean forward a lot to...
  5. rcnuke

    New Product Sonic model AR Wing EPP FPV Flywing | 900mm Wingspan | RC Airplane KIT

    Description: Brand Name: Sonicmodell Item Name: AR Wing Mini Skyhunter Wingspan: 900mm(35.43") Length: 482mm(18.97") Flying Speed: 10km/h - 80+km/h Features: - Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, plus pre-built in carbon fiber spar, durable, light and flexible. - Detachable wing and wingtip...
  6. rcnuke

    New V911-Pro | V911-V2 4CH 2.4GHz WLtoys RC Helicopter

    Original WLtoys V911-Pro ( V911-2 ) 4CH Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro 2.4GHz Electrical Toy for Children RTF Function: Up,Down,Forward,Backward,Turn left,Turn right,360° turn,Left-side flying,Right-side flying,Hover Advantages of new version V911-pro:New canopy design with higher...
  7. rcnuke

    DJI MAVIC 3 Maybe Announced In January | MAVIC MINI in February

    It’s being rumoured that DJI is getting ready to announce the Mavic 3 drone in January 2020. Drone DJ reports that they’ve received several rumours that all seem to back each other up in the last week or so. They also say that the recently reported Mavic Mini may be officially announced as soon...
  8. rcnuke

    Three New Drones From DJI IN 2020 | The First One In FEBRUARY

    Looks like Canon isn’t the only one on fire when it comes to announcing new gear in 2020 (at least judging from the rumors). After a long break, it seems that we’ll see as many as three new drones from DJI this year. And according to the reports, the first one could hit the market in February...
  9. DJI Matrice 300

    DJI Matrice 300

    First look of DJI-Matrice-300
  10. DJI Matrice 300

    DJI Matrice 300

    First look of DJI Matrice 300
  11. rcnuke

    ATTI Mode in DJI Drones

    As drone technology becomes more and more sophisticated, new drones are also becoming smarter. Drones are now getting equipped with more sensors that allow them to do autonomous functions, such as obstacle avoidance and intelligent routing. Still, there is no replacement for good old piloting...
  12. rcnuke

    DJI Mavic 3

    Here ar our updated DJI rumors on the M3P. Initially, we were informed that DJI would be launching the DJI Mavic 3 towards the end of January, however that no longer seems to be the case. First of all we would have seen invites by now for a dedicated DJI Mavic 3 launch event and we haven’t. But...
  13. rcnuke

    DJI Matrice 300

    Last week, a number of the US-based DJI employees had travelled to China in preparation of the launch of the new DJI Matrice 300, which is scheduled to launch before the end of February. We also expect more details and specs to surface in the coming week. The current series of Matrice 200 and...
  14. rcnuke

    New firmware update for DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise | Includes ATTI mode

    The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise have a new firmware update that includes ATTI mode. This is a first in the DJI’s Mavic line up and will surely make many commercial drone operators happy. ATTI mode or Attitude mode is often used to make the drone fly smoother through turns when recording cinematic...
  15. rcnuke

    Indian Govt. planning to get all drones registered - [ including Toy Drones ]

    Indian Govt is thinking to mandate to register drones before using in India including Toy drones. There may also be training and information's on how to use and rules to be followed while flying and where to fly. Here is screenshot of Digitalskydgca
  16. RadioMaster TX16S

    RadioMaster TX16S

    RadioMaster TX16S 16ch 2.4ghz Multi-protocol OpenTX Radio System
  17. Radiomaster-TX16S Front view

    Radiomaster-TX16S Front view

  18. Radiomaster-TX16S good looks

    Radiomaster-TX16S good looks

  19. Radiomaster-TX16S Support

    Radiomaster-TX16S Support

  20. Radiomaster-TX16S Modern Standard

    Radiomaster-TX16S Modern Standard