1. rcnuke

    Israel Anti-drone system takes down DRONE with a laser-defense system

    Israel-based company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (or just Rafael). It uses a high power laser beam to track and take down hostile drones, even a few of them at once. Rafael shared a video to show off the technology, and it indeed seems pretty powerful. The company explains that Drone Dome...
  2. rcnuke

    Three New Drones From DJI IN 2020 | The First One In FEBRUARY

    Looks like Canon isn’t the only one on fire when it comes to announcing new gear in 2020 (at least judging from the rumors). After a long break, it seems that we’ll see as many as three new drones from DJI this year. And according to the reports, the first one could hit the market in February...
  3. DJI Matrice 300

    DJI Matrice 300

    First look of DJI Matrice 300
  4. rcnuke

    DJI Matrice 300

    Last week, a number of the US-based DJI employees had travelled to China in preparation of the launch of the new DJI Matrice 300, which is scheduled to launch before the end of February. We also expect more details and specs to surface in the coming week. The current series of Matrice 200 and...