DJI MAVIC 3 Maybe Announced In January | MAVIC MINI in February


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It’s being rumoured that DJI is getting ready to announce the Mavic 3 drone in January 2020. Drone DJ reports that they’ve received several rumours that all seem to back each other up in the last week or so. They also say that the recently reported Mavic Mini may be officially announced as soon as the first week of February.

One of the biggest DJI leakers, OsitaLV has posted a rough drawing of what he suggests is the Mavic 3. OsitaLV does seem to post quite a lot of DJI rumours, and while some seem quite promising, his accuracy is questionable. So, this drawing may be completely fake.


If DJI is planning to release a Mavic 3, though, the expected specs will likely be photo and video quality at least as good as you currently get from the Mavic 2 drones, and will include a camera made by Hasselblad. But whether DJI will continue to have two separate “Pro” and “Zoom” models or roll them into one is unknown.

DroneDJ says that the Mavic 3 would come with ActiveTrack 3.0, which would make sense as it’s been appearing in their recent gimbal releases, too. As to how good the obstacle avoidance or automated flight modes will be is also unknown. It will be difficult to compete with the recently announced Skydio 2, though. But, if anybody has the funds to put the R&D into it, it’s DJI.
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