New Quanum Venture w/ DJI FatShark & Afro Parts (PNF) | FPV Deluxe Quad Copter Set


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The Deluxe Package only requires you to install your favorite radio receiver and calibrate the transmitter, charge up your 2200 3s battery and slip on your FPV goggles for an elevated experience. If you’re new to FPV or just want a multi-rotor that you can pull out of the back of the car and fly FPV without any hassles, the great design and top quality components make the Quanum Venture Deluxe edition a platform you can trust.

The Venture is a refined evolution of multi-rotor DNA, and exemplifies cross use without compromise.

• Goggle ready FPV fun
• Pre installed and tuned DJI NAZA with GPS
• Pre installed MultiStar motors and matched Afro 20A ESC’s
• Pre installed FatShark 600TVL FPV tuned camera and 250mW video TX
• GPS/ATTI/RTH/Acro flight modes
• Unibody construction with spares availability
• Quad esc mounting/PDB with filtered FPV power
• Protected stylish Motor Mounts
• Universal gimbal mounting and tall skid options
• Provisions for all types of equipment pre-molded
• Styled looks with true functionality
• Pre-installed motors and ESC

Wheelbase: 430mm
Weight: 440g (AUW 1050g w/battery)
Max prop: 8~10inch
FC mounting: Naza Lite GPS pre-installed
Power Distribution: 4 Afro 20A esc pre- installed with XT60 power lead
Motors: 2213 935KV Multistar Motors pre-installed
FPV camera: Fatshark 600TVL FPV tuned CMOS
FPV TX: Fatshark 250mW 8ch Video TX pre-installed
Gimbal Mounting: 45mm square and 40mm centerline

For Specs and information on individual components please visit the associated page under the related items

Quanum Venture FPV frame
DJI Naza Lite With GPS
Fatshark 600TVL FPV Tuned CMOS camera
Fatshark 250mW FPV video TX
4 x Afro 20A esc pre-installed
4 x 2213 935kv Multistar motors pre-installed
4 x Propellers 8×4.5
Wrench set

Recommended Parts:
5ch Radio
2200~4000 3s battery



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